Friday, October 13, 2006

back no normal.......Sunshine

We'll after one nite and a day of clouds and rain we are back to normal today with nice calm seas and loads of sunshine. Despite what the little animated "five day forecasts" say we are usually hot and sunny here in Antigua. Do you know that and yahoo weather and most of the rest of the internet animated forecasts predict rain every day of the year. Today and the rest of the weak reads incorrectly like this on yahoo weather:
Today Tomorrow Sun Mon

T-showers Scattered Showers Scattered Showers Scattered Showers
High: 85°Low: 78° High: 86°Low: 79° High: 87°Low: 78° High: 87°Low: 78°

Its always been the same. I mean when we haven't had any rain in weeks and all the greass around the island is brown they are still saying its raining here. The reason behind it is that our local forecasters' reports say "fair to partly cloudy with a chance of scattered showers" every day, and the big companies interpret that with animated rain clouds which you cant see above but would see on the link. Anyway, most of our emails come in with comments from guests worrying about the rain (that we are not getting) and for 7 years now i have been trying to reassure people that we are not the rain capital of the world. In fact, we probably get less rain that 95% of all Caribbean Islands.

Enough about weather, since this weekend looks like it will be a calm one, i am going to take some of the crew deep sea fishing. Its what we like to do on our days off at this time of year. This is actually a very active time for a fish called Wahoo. They fight incredibly hard and are sooo delicious. We have done quite a few fishing tournaments since we got our boats and if we go to a new one some people laugh and say "you are a snorkeling boat...not a fishing boat". Well by the time we get back in that laugh is long forgotten because we usually do well. Here is an example of Tony's marlin from last May:
Look out for photos of the monster Wahoo that we are going to catch this weekend. We all love to eat fish and don't like buying fish. We have to catch something!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Eli, it's Jodi here. Love the new blog site! And I've never heard a ray described as "cuddly" before! Let me know about that new excursion, when you have it designed - you know we'll want to try it! It's finally getting cold here - even had some snow yesterday, although nothing that stuck. I really wish we here there instead of here. Say hi to everyone, including Tony, for me - looking forward to seeing you in January!


365 said...

Hey Jodi, thanks for checking it out. Rays there are cuddly. I just took out someone from the UK's Sunday Times who sent me the article to proof read and wait till you hear the way he described the rays. It will make you laugh. If you can imagine that the words "Berlin fettish bar" could be used in the sentance describing his ray experience then i would be surprised. Anyway the article was funny. I am not sure about the new excustion yet since we only have one Xtreme boat and we will have to one tour or the other. I am thinking about it because we cancelled several tours last winter when it got too rough onthe North Side. It happens a few times a month between Jan and March when huge cold fronts pass through all the way from the USA. Sounds like they are starting early up by you. Snow? I will say hi to the gang and you do the same to Ernie and Cory for me.