Thursday, October 19, 2006

Computer Death yesterday

For the past two nights we have been having torrential rain and lightening storms and my work computer has died. It will not boot up. I back everything up but there were several emails on there that possibly be lost. It is at the fixers who may be able to bring it back to life. I will know what's up by lunch time today. If they can't do anything, then i will buy another one and put all my backed up emails onto it and start replying. Sorry for the delay guys. I am gonna sort it out by the end of today. Big rain this morning too. I hear that they had very bad flooding in the islands to the North of us.

Yesterday we had two boats out and the weather was awesome. It was a good thing too because we had a photographer from the Sunday Times on board again. I am not sure when the article will be out but if you are in the UK...keep an eye open for it. This is a pic of the Magnificent Frigate Bird which is common here year round. I took this pic on Sunday.

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