Monday, October 23, 2006

the WILD life

Once again this weekend we powered west on our day off in search of adventure. The fishing was terrible and as planned, in case of this occurrence, we decided to explore Redonda again. This time we wanted to climb to the old deserted mining post. The climb was dangerous with most of the ground being made up of very loose rock and stones. There was almost no stable footing, and adrenalin was pumping throughout the 90 minute climb. At the top, we found the remains of the old steel mechanics which was used to get material and goods up and down the mountain as well as some of the buildings and structures left behind. Apart from all the history, we found the top rich in wild life with nesting boobies and frigate birds. In fact there was plenty to see and take pics of. This pic is of a mother brown boobie and her newborn chick on the top of Redonda with the volcano island of montserrat in the background. They were nests all over the top and we had to be careful where we walked. I can't imagine a tour to a place like this soon, but the experience gives us a better appreciation for the places we show to our guests. The feeling we had exploring this adventurers treasure trove is exactly what our guests must feel when they first get to the top of Great Bird Island or Hells Gate while on the Eco Tour. Life is an adventure and it’s great to sometimes get a bit of the more traditional type.

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365 said...

oh that's why! I was wondering why that day was getting so busy. haha. feel free to show the blog.....if anyone has questions i hope we can answer here as well as the regular email way. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks!