Friday, November 03, 2006


today kinda got away from me and i am pretty tired too. having an early firday night for a change too. here are a few pics keep the blog alive. i will try to post some pics at least from day to day. The one above was taken from the eco boat. we had been on a private charter to watch the yachts pass in antigua sailing week. The one below is from another private charter we did just around the island. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eli, well the penny dropped today after loggin into Antigua Bound Group, and there was your name and site.Your wondering who I am,its Annie, you so very kindly organised a few tours for me and my family for when we come over on the 24th November, has the penny dropped for you? Checking out your Blog and all the pic's, wow it
going to be a fantastic vacation. We love Antigua, this will be our third time there in three years. Everyone we have talked to there are so cool, real chillin types indeed. Anyways,Hope to see you when we are there.
Annie Bailey :)