Thursday, November 23, 2006

Say hi to Chopper

David “chopper” Mendes has been working with us since he finished high school earlier this year. He had been attending school in Canada and was happy to be back home in sunny Antigua. In fact, as soon as he got back I had him working on Xtreme. David is only working with us part time unfortunately because he is off to Study Pre-Med in Grenada. I spoke a bit about him in an early blog entry, but here is a little more. David is one of the most responsible kids for his age that I know…….the most! He has a very strong work ethic which will serve him well along his journey to become a Doc. At Adventure Antigua he has done everything from running errands, to maintenance, to being tour guide, to driving… name it and David will do it.
One of the things that all of us in the company will miss when he goes off to school is his sense of humor. He makes all of us laugh which is such an asset. Our group is a fun loving team and having David around keeps everyone laughing even at “the end of a long day at the office.”
The photo above is David doing a silly dive we named the “pelican dive” off Coco Point in Barbuda. The pic below is him at Rendezvous Bay during the Xtreme Circumnavigation tour. Someone had asked me to get a few photos of people with half their face in the water......

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Eli, maybe you can convince him to become an orthopedic surgeon, and stay somewhere close so you can have your own personal doc!