Saturday, February 10, 2007

amazing weather!!!!

Over the past two months we had to cancel two Xtreme tours and one Eco because of bad weather. January and Feb can have some very difficult weather with typically strong winds. It’s been a little less windy than normal so far and the past few days have actually been totally perfect for boating. I did the Xtreme tour yesterday almost without any pain to my bad knee so you know it was calm! We saw two dolphins in the morning on our way to St. Johns but still haven't seen any whales.

The humpbacks are here passing through with their calves and we should see them any minute. Caribbean Helicopters saw some a few weeks ago. Anyway, today is even calmer and sunnier than yesterday and it doesn't feel like Feb at all. The kitesurfers who are on the island are not happy since the winds are soo light but the fishermen are all delighted. My dad is off today to go and catch mahi mahi as soo many seem to be around at the moment. My skipper JD is also going out on his little boat to go catch some and i am gonna call him in a few hours to order some for dinner:)
I have been asked to go and collect a boat for Marine Power Services from St. Martin and will probably fly down at 4:30 today. The weather is perfect for that and the 100 mile run into the waves shouldn't be too bad. The boat is fairly small at just over 20 feet long, but it’s a pretty big boat for its size with inboard engines and jet propulsion. I took my EPIRB out of Xtreme just in case we have any problems. It is a single engine boat. Anyway, i know that many of you reading this post are sitting inside wishing that you could even think about being in the sunshine as you walked outside, and i hope i am not making you feel miserable. Winter will be over before you know it. I just was on MSN with my sister, Fran, who is in "uni" in the UK, and she said the weather was something called "shite"......I guess that's not good! Here are a few pics from yesterday’s tour and one of me taking my dogs for a walk (jump) on Thursday........Expect an account of our trip to collect this boat coming soon. Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

I expect if you remove the e from "shite" it's pretty much a universal word. I am jealous! We've got sun, but haven't seen a temp above 20 F in a couple of weeks (mostly well below that), and won't for a couple of more. But I can close my eyes and imagine that I'm in Antigua, winds and all!

365 said...

hahaha....yes! glad you are able to feel the warm winds in the middle of winter. will keep posting nice warm pics for ya. just getting ready to fly down. c ya

Anonymous said...

Hope the ride back to Antigua was pleasant and uneventful! Just got my pics from January back yesterday. Didn't take many, but I'll put some on CD and send them to you.

Brrr from Cleveland!