Sunday, May 06, 2007

new tour for the summer season

I think we are about to start a new tour using the Xtreme boat. The tour will be very similar to the regular Xtreme Circumnav but will not do the hour at Stingray City. Instead after picking up our guests and zooming along the West and North shores we will pull up to a nice reef for drinks and then a snorkeling lesson. After the lesson we will do a nice guided snorkeling session through the reef taking lots of time so that nobody feels rushed.

From there the tour will continue as the regular Xtreme tour: cruising up past Long Bay and the Pineapple Beach hotel and devils bridge towards Nonsuch Bay and Green Island.
Here we will do the usual hour long stop for the famous buffet lunch and beach chill time before thinking about cruising on.

past the famous but seldom seen Mill Reef Club, then past Half Moon Bay and Willoughby Bay with the Crossroads center, then past Mamora Bay and the St. James Club. We stop into the beautiful and secluded Indian Creek near the Sunken Rock dive site just long enough for you to shoot a few pics of the unique house on "Stanfast Point" and Lookout which is a little further downwind. We then will cruise along the massive volcanic cliffs of the Fort Shirley coast before passing The Pillars of Hercules on our way into Nelson's Dockyard where we will give you a proper historical commentary as we slowly cruise along the beautiful historical harbour. On our way back out the harbour we will get everyone set up with snorkeling gear for our exclusive snorkeling session at the Pillars.
Like much of what our company does, this snorkeling session is only done by Adventure Antigua. Another unique stop is the next and last official stop on this action packed tour.....Rendezvous Bay.

Unfortunately there are many rumors about a development planned for this beautiful beach. Up until now a busy day there is when we have to share the bay with a little dinghy.
You see no man made structures when you sit on the beach enjoying our traditional rum punch on this last stop. From there we cruise along the south coast passing the fantastic hotels of Carlisle Bay and Curtain Bluff, going down past Cades Reef and Cades Bay towards the South-West corner that is Johnson’s Point where we pass Turners Beach, Blue Heron, and OJs. Keep counting as we are passing some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean along Antigua’s Leeward Caribbean side. The tour will be less expensive than the regular Xtreme Circumnav as we won’t have the additional expense of Stingray City, but it will be very similar and as good. If it works well this summer we may just keep it on for select days this winter too. We’ll see. Look for this tour on our website and in hotels next week.

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Anonymous said...

I like the new idea for the "Extreme" tour.
About Rendevous Bay, the current owner of the land, lets just say a former local politician (gee, I wonder how this person acquired the land?), has been shopping the land to many investors. As far as I know, nobody has bought it yet (price?). What I would like to see, is it perserved as a national park or natural area for future generations to enjoy, or if it has to be developed, as a small cottage style hotel(not 5 star!!! some of us regular people can go there!!). What pops into my mind is the Nature Conservancy. They buy parcels of land or make other arrangements so that unique areas can be perserved for future generations.
Unfortunately, I suspect the owners are looking for top dollar, as many land owners are, and are not interested in creating some kind of legacy ( is that the right word?) for the island. They are most likely just satisfying their greed, if I can be so presumptuous.