Monday, June 18, 2007

A relaxed sunday in Antigua

Thanks to the 41st Annual Sport Fishing Competition opening party held a few weeks ago, I managed to win some very nice prizes in their raffle. We did buy quite a few tickets as seen above. I won a zip line ride with Antigua Rainforest Company, a dinner for two at the Coast, a dinner for two at The Carlisle Bay and also a dinner for two at The Inn in English Harbour. Anyway, I have done the zipline tour as you know. Here is Iain’s little video clip:

Until yesterday I hadn’t used the other fine prizes. Yesterday we went for a nice drive in the afternoon to see some friends on the South side. We ended up at a fund pre school fund raiser on Galleon Beach and bumped into Alexis Andrews and his family there. He said his book is doing very well at the moment. Check it out. Anyway, afterwards we went for a nice swim at Windward beach which wasn’t very busy at all. There were over one hundred people on Pigeon Beach and like 4 on Windward so it was very nice indeed. The waves were quite big but the little tide pools were calm enough to relax in while little sergeant major fish swam around us. Tide pools are always interesting places to explore and with their abundance of interesting marine life it can be quite exciting too. After several mangos which we picked up on the way up Fig Tree drive I needed a drink. IT was Sunday afternoon and we were in English Harbour…..where could I get a drink? SHIRLEY HEIGHTS!!!! Woooo hoooo! I haven’t been there for ages and ages and we got there just for the last steel band set just as the sun set. There are few places in the Caribbean as beautiful as that place. The sweet sound of the steel drum music with the taste of a nice rum and coke is hard to beat. Add a nice sunset and some good company and you are loving life! I was too.
It wasn’t long before the rum in my belly needed company and at this time of the year in Antigua there isn’t much choice in English Harbour. Recently a classmate of mine had told me that the new chef at The Inn where she works was excellent, and I remembered that I had the “dinner for two” letter in my car. Why not? We met up with some friends there on the way down the hill and went into their lovely bar for a drink first.

There are few bars in Antigua as beautiful as this one and although I took a few photos last night they don’t do the place justice.

It is very lovely and full of atmosphere. After a drink we were seated indoors as there had just been a little shower and were given menus. The hotel was purchased a few years ago by an Italian group and although it maintains much of its British tradition it now has quite a bit of Italian flair. This was certainly evident on its lovely menu. The four of us all agreed that our meal was lovely.

My rack of Lamb was fantastic...........:

and the Papaya and Ginger Crème Brulee was out of this world and just slightly better than the passion fruit cheese cake.

I would tell you to go there for that desert if nothing else, but it was all good and worth a hell of a lot more than the EC $5 raffle ticket that got me there. Thanks to the Inn and the Antigua Sport Fishing Club! IF you are here this summer and want to have to try something different please go and have a nice meal at the Inn. Get there before sunset so you can see the fantastic view from the Bar too.

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