Friday, June 01, 2007

some of my photos on show tonight

Yup! Tonight there is an art gallery showing at Woods Gallery where several Antiguan photographers will be showing their work. Some dude called Eli Fuller will have photos there too:)

So I am joining Jan Jackeson, Sokoto George, Roland Hansen and hopefully Joseph Jones in the exhibit. If you are here on island and are thinking of doing something different, please consider coming down anytime after 5:30 pm to The Woods Mall on the opposite end from Epicurean next to the photo lab.
Quin Farara liquor store will be c0-sponsoring a wine tasting as well during the show and Tony and the boys from Adventure Antigua will also be putting on some special rum punch as well.

The photo exhibit will run for the month of June in one whole section of the Woods Art Gallery, but the other half will have the usual variety of Antiguan art work. While you are in Antigua you should definitely go and have a look. Hope to see you there tonight.

As you know, if you have been reading my blog over the past week, JHR Caribbean (a.k.a Caribbean Real Estate) was kind enough to sponsor our Xtreme team in the 41st Annual Sport Fishing Tournament. As our exclusive sponsor, they also get to have their banner on the blog for three months. Not only are they the first sponsor of the Xtreme Team but they are also the first sponsor of the Antigua Island blog. So to Nadia, Derek, Adam, and the rest of the gang....Thank you. I am sure that you will get some return on your investment. The time right now is 9:45 am and my blog has gotten 134 unique visitors already for the day. Good luck and thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eli!

Your exhibit reminded me why I do LOVE "the boys" famous rum punch! I still remember the rhyme/poem you told us on the Extreme. We ended up using that at our wedding reception back here in the states and it was definitely a hit! One lady even thought the driveway was made of tile....the punch packed quite a punch! Good luck tonight, your pictures are very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you at the show.

ian said...

C'mon Eli,
Thats just not fair!
Here I am in the UK reading about the hurricane and your Dads boat,when WHAM, yor blog finishes and I've got to wait 'till Monday to find out what happend.
You should write soap scripts!
Great reading, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what's not fair! I'm supposed to be working, and I've been surfing this site and Eli's Adventure Site for HOURS, drooling over the pictures, getting hooked on the stories, and tasting the plantains! Outside is the typical muggy kinda wet DC weather - and no blue water in site!!!! NOT FAIR!