Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Carlisle Bay Hotel for a night....

Last week Thursday August 23rd was my 35th birthday and we ended up having some family and friends over for a little dinner party at my mom's house. Its a beautiful place above Dutchmans Bay and the former Lord Nelson Beach Hotel. I think i got more pressies than i have gotten in years and felt pretty spoiled afterwards. One of the lovely presents i received was a one night stay at the five star Carlisle Bay hotel. Hoteliers Leni Miras and Bruno D'Oliveira who have been working at Carlisle Bay since it opened up four years ago gave me the lovely gift with certain conditions. A gift with conditions is something new, but at 35 i will take whatever i can get. One of the conditions is that i take lots of photos and post them on my flickr photo site and another is that i take a certain woman with me. This actually sounds like another gift and not a condition. Anyway, we tell our guests on Xtreme as we zoom past the Carlisle hotel that it's a lovely hotel which is not all inclusive and is over $1200 a night. I don't know that much about it but will fill in all the blanks after i get back. I have eaten at their East restaurant which was lovely so all in all i am very excited about being a tourist. I am not that worried about the weather though.....:) I don't have any photos of Carlisle bay at the moment for this blog, but that will change soon.

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