Sunday, August 12, 2007

important weather info

Hi there! I am sorry for not blogging over the last few days. I have been working on Xtreme and getting completely wasted tired. Tonight i will write more about my barbuda trip and post tomorrow morning for sure. In the meantime have a look at something i just posted on an antiguan message board:

This little post is meant as a little bit of proactive info so that people dont freak out when someone irresponsible on CNN or something starts ranting about aproaching weather. A few days ago before there was even a dot on the satellites, started forecasting a big storm coming our way on Friday a week later. Most people thought it was a computer glitch as windguru uses many sophisticated computer models to generate its forecasts. Anyway, since then a tropical wave has developed "nicely" into a impressive low and it looks as though it may get to the next level (tropical depression) within a day or so. Most computer models suggest that it may develop stronger into a named storm after that. They also suggest that it will be steered towards the central caribbean. There are two extremely important things that we need to keep in mind. First, is that these computer models change every six hours after taking into account millions of variables which could all end up changing the forecast dramatically this far away. This means that Friday is a long way away and many things can change. We may not even get a shower. The second thing to remember is when preparing for tropical weather season we need to understand that a worst case outcome is possible and that we should take precautions and moniter the weather sites for good info. I will make sure that i keep you up to date on what is going on if you don't want to do it yourself. I am sure that many people will be speaking about weather over the next few months which is pretty normal. An excellent weather site showing whats going on from many different angles is We have been hit by 6 hurricanes since 1954 so the odds are against a direct hit, but keep an eye on the site above just in case.

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