Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ok back to fun stuff in september

Well i decided to let the last blog entry "soak" a few days longer than normal, and the good news is that The Daily Observer printed the article in today's paper. I hope that the next step is as fluid with someone in the top echelon of the government making bold steps to protect our beaches. There has been plenty of discussion about this topic within my circle of friends and you should hear the allegations and conspiracies. I'd rather not point fingers at political figures, but there are some strange irregularities in Antigua and Barbuda with respect to sand and the mining of it. Anyway, i will leave that to the the rest of the gang. For now its back to tourism and all the stuff that is closely related. Something that is always on the minds of people at this time of the year is the threat of a hurricane. Tropical Storm Karen revved up her engine this morning and is set to pass the entire island chain this weekend. Good news again with another storm set to miss Antigua. The weather lately has been awesome for powerboating and fishing with lovely calm seas. Its crazy how when its like this rain can be extremely heavy but localized. I took the photo above on Sunday 20 miles east of Antigua and looking at it you would never have guessed that there were areas on that little island (antigua) getting soaked with rain. Anyway, it turned out being a nice day all over the area once again. I went fishing three times last week and ate three different types of each night. Yum..

Today we had a very cloudy day here on Antigua though with some rain due to a passing tropical wave. This weekend looks like it will be perfect for boating again with very calm seas in the forecast as if the storm will be pulling it all north away from the island. On Saturday there will be a fishing tournament in Montserrat which i think the Adventure Antigua Team will be attending. Will keep ya posted. This nice vid was done by our core fishing team member John Watt a.k.a. "Big John" and shows some of the fishing action from last sunday.
Note the proper technique below shown by el "El gran Jefe Toro". hahahaha

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