Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Antigua Island Blog turns one year old!!!!!

yup, one year ago today i posted my first blog entry while sitting in Antigua bored out of my mind. Since then plenty has gone on and plenty has changed. ITs been a fun year for me and i hope for those of you who have kept up with reading the blog from time to time.
Some of the blog entries had so much interest that i was actually shocked by the response. For those of you that missed the story of Adventure Antigua you should go back and have a read. They are not in order in this link but just goto the bottom and read your way up. I think that they were the most eagerly read of all my entries. I don't have any plans to stop writing anytime soon, but hope to have guest writers ad some content from time to time over the next year which i think will be a busy one for me with many new adventures in store. This weekend we will be setting off as i said yesterday on an adventure over to St. Kitts and Nevis for a fishing tournament. More of the same i guess, but there are plans in the works for a new and exciting project which i hope to involve you all.
A new addition to our Adventure Antigua fleet is going to be built over the next 12 months and we will keep you up to date with that as i feel that it will be extremely exciting.
ITs not going to be like the yacht seen in the moonlight above but it will be nice. For now, i'd just like to thank all the regular readers. I wish you would say hi more often in the comments section this year. Dont be shy! Stay tuned for our nevis adventure coming soon.


Anonymous said...

I'll stop by and say Hi Eli. I read your blog everyday that you write it, and I look fwd to reading of your adventures and also the educational blogs you submit too. was really looking fwd to meeting you on one of your trips in August this year, but we unfortunately had to cancel our Antigua visit. Oh well, theres always next year! Keep up the good work buddy!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!