Friday, August 15, 2008

Shooting arrests

In news being reported around the world two women have been arrested on charges ''related to the murders'' of two Cocos hotel guests. The honeymoon couple were staying at Cocos Hotel when one or more gunmen killed them in what seems to be a robbery gone wrong. This was the first hotel shooting in Antigua's long tourism history and the nation has been eagerly waiting for people to be brought in, charged and convicted. Nobody is breathing a sigh of relief but many are elated at the prospect of justice in this case. Some people are smelling blood too. There are many who are calling for the death penalty, an ultimate punishment which seems to have been retired from the court's arsenal over the past twenty years. When and if they charge a person or people for the murders the death penalty will surely be a huge bone of contention. The UK who has sent personnel and expertise to aid in the unsolved murders outstanding here in Antigua and Barbuda is totally against capital punishment and has suggested that their men and women will not take part in such cases that are calling for death to the convicted murderers. I spoke with a lawyer yesterday here who said that despite the Prime Minister's calls for the death penalty, it was not going to be likely as several people have been convicted over the years for other murders without being put to death.
I have been following my web tracker since the terrible shootings at Cocos and there have been many people googling all sorts of ''shooting'' and ''murder'' searches which end up at my blog. I keep seeing people typing in whatever hotel they are due to come and stay at with ''shooting'' or murder at the end of it. For example, I saw today someone google ''Galley Bay Shootings" and a few days ago it was "Shooting at St. James Club". I suppose it's good that people are trying to get info about where they are staying and it's natural for them to be worried. I just hope they get to my blogs which will show them that this Cocos shooting was the first one at a hotel and was the first murder ever within a hotel here. The police aided by the Canadians and the UK have made huge changes within the force and are going to add 200 new officers as well. Crime in Antigua is being attacked and as the Canadian Commissioner told criminals in a public address and now has proved ''its time for us to hunt you''. I do know more about these recent arrests in connection with the Cocos double murder but I can't say at this time. There is no doubt that there will be more arrests as the info the police has seems to be very good indeed. Imagine being a young woman caught with stolen goods taken from a double murder. What do you think the police are going to tell them in the secret of a dark jail cell here in Antigua on the day when the Prime Minister is calling for the death penalty to be given to people who didn't even murder. Those girls will be sh%$$*ng their pants and fingers will be pointing.


Anonymous said...

The Mounties always get their man (or woman). Keep the faith.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you for your honest comments.