Monday, August 18, 2008

Two charged with the cocos murder

Two boys have been charged with the Cocos Murders. The accused are Kaniel Martin who is 20, and Avie Howell who is just 17. The similarities between this murder and the other famous tourist murder from back in Jan 1995 just off Barbuda are something we need to consider here on island. Young stupid kids making huge assumptions and mistakes, and then taking lives. There is plenty more to say and debate, but i dont think my blog is the place for it. Most of Antigua and Barbuda are extremely sad and disturbed by all of this and although we are relieved that the cops have found their ''men'' if they could ever be called that, we like the family and friends of the Mullany's are still feeling pain and sadness. The police and prosecution department feel that justice will be carried out and this is great news. It can't come fast enough! I want much more though and think that change is happening in this country and there is more to come. The view from above is from Cocos and was one of many photos i took recently for a magazine cover. It's what Ben and Catherine would have been enjoying here on the island prior to their horrific deaths, and it makes me soo mad that it wasn't that simple in the end. Anyway, changes to Cocos hotel were taking place as i took the photos to make sure nothing like this happens again. All hotels on the island have made changes to their security as a result of this terrible event, and the police who had been making changes are continuing to make advances in crime fighting here on the island. Read here to see what i said originally on why i think this happened.

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