Sunday, October 05, 2008

"Fishing" tournament video

As you know from the blog a few days ago, we didn't catch much at the Francis Nunes Memorial Tournament, but did manage to get the Champion Female Angler prize with our 24 lb wahoo. This little video shows us leaving very early at sunrise, shows us stop for some dolphins (which were kinda far by the time i organized the camera), shows where we were headed on the GPS, shows us kinda give up and start drinking rum and scotch. The last shots were when i was taking Xtreme back to Jolly Harbour by myself at the end of the awards and Seafood Festival. A nice day on the water. We have another tournament this coming weekend in Nevis. I'm pretty excited about that too. Enjoy the video:


Anonymous said...

Is there ever a tournament you're not excited about :)?

365 said...

I guess you are right.