Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hurricane Omar

Once again it seems like Antigua and Barbuda will be missed by a hurricane. It hasn't been since 1999 that we have had a direct hit and this hurricane Omar looks like it will go 200 miles to our north. It's nice and calm with little or no swell at the moment. In Jolly Harbour it's been dry since the middle of the night when we had some thunderstorms pass through. Windguru is still saying we will have over 30 knots of wind early tomorrow morning which is good windsurfing weather. The problem is the rain which is forecast to bucket down tomorrow. A friend and i will be out there trying to windsurf somewhere where there are a few waves probably between Johnson's Point and Jolly Harbour if the wind and waves are to come from the south as forecast. I don't mind storms coming this close, but i am sure that there will be some problems for people who don't do any prep work for this storm. People should still get their boats properly secured and check bilge pumps and batteries. I imagine there will be some beach erosion over by OJ's as well. Such a shame he put in the "breakwater". With the eye about 200 miles to our North it will be close enough to keep us on our toes. Radar shows very little rain in the area at the moment, and after looking at all the maps i am starting to think that we may not get as much rain from this thing as forecast with the bulk going north of us.
Anyway, I am happy that Antigua probably will have no hurricane damage again this time. Fingers crossed for us and for those guys to our North who are not as lucky. Hope the lovely BVI is spared.


Anonymous said...

Your third pic is a dead link.


365 said...

you know, i think i just used the links of those images thinking they would stay the same. They actually were links that updated as the originals were updated. they are gone now.... sorry about that.