Sunday, December 07, 2008

Wind don't blow like it used to blew

Race one of the Jolly Harbour Regatta was held yesterday in extremely light and shifty conditions with a rain cloud hanging over the area for most of the day. Team was ready.Conditions were extremely frustrating because wind shifts were happening constantly and gusts would just appear and disappear. Luck and skill were involved as is the case usually in these conditions with luck not coming our way enough. Our competition was the other 40 foot Carriacou sloop Genesis and the racing was more like match racing than fleet racing. What was most frustrating was seeing Genesis just four boat lengths away from us sailing nicely in a patch of wind while we sat stalled in a glassy patch of no wind. It was neck and neck most of the way with us performing better when the winds were higher and them performing when it got very light. We had 7 guys on board a full tank of fuel and a full water tank. Genesis had three guys on board, no water tank and a much smaller engine and fuel tank. Weight is good when it's windy, but in the very light conditions we were at a slight disadvantage. All excuses aside, we finished first in one race and behind them in two races. It was all extremely close with lead changes throughout, so concentration was at a peak all day. I was very tired by the end, and i am sure that the other guys were just as "spent".
Winds are forecast to be higher today so we are hoping for conditions to be better for us. Will let you know. Chris and JD took Xtreme out to see the racing with my mom and Mykl, but the weather didn't cooperate. These photos were taken by Chris.

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