Friday, January 02, 2009

Adventure Antigua crew "Sergie"

Serge "sergie" Gobinet has been working for Adventure Antigua for some time now and i thought i had a bio on him on the blog. I don't know how i missed it but i am getting older and we will just blame it on that.
Serge is the younger brother of Francis Gobibet who worked of and on with me from the start of Adventure Antigua's eco tour way back in 2000. I have known the Gobinet family since they arrived here in Antigua when Francis was a little child. Serge was born on the island and shortly afterwards was on the little boat with his brother, sister and parents cruising up the North Sound of Antigua where we now do our Eco Tour. His life has been spent fishing, diving, snorkeling, sailing and generally doing what Adventure Antigua is all about - enjoying Antigua and Barbuda's natural marine side. He's probably been swimming (and snorkeling) long before he could walk!
After Francis left Adventure Antigua to go work on some of the huge mega private yachts that spend their winters in the Caribbean and summers in the "Med", Serge decided to follow him looking for the same kind of work.
Serge said that despite Palma being a similar hub for the mega yacht industry and an excellent place to find work on the massive private luxury yachts, it wasn't nearly enough like Antigua. He missed home here in the Caribbean and finally decided to come back. We were happy to have him work with us and with the new sailing side of Adventure Antigua starting up Serge was even more happy. Of course, Serge is an excellent snorkeling guide and is a great asset on the powerboats, but his experience in sailing is most important and you will see him out with me whenever we have tours on the Ocean Nomad. Say hi when you see him.

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