Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Cruise Ship Passengers

Read a lovely review that some of our recent sailing guests wrote on the Cruise Critic site. Here it is:

We just returned from a visit to Antigua last week. We too love snorkeling. We've heard lots of excellent reports from others re: Adventure Antigua eco-tours (Eli and company). We elected instead to try his Classic Sail tour. In a word -- outstanding! My wife had a less than good experience with a dive tour the previous day and was reluctant to go out. After motoring out to Cades Reef, we snorkeled. It was fabulous! Eli skippered the boat. His two crew, Jason and Serge were in the water with us (one other couple besides us) and kept an eye on things. The reef is offshore and is great. The boat is a traditional wooden boat built in island tradition. Heavy construction so it doesn't have the bobing motion of more modern sailboats. After reef, motor into a nice little harbor for lunch and more snorkeling. Then change location and more snorkeling. Then the sail for home. Yes, real sailing as in shut the motor off, put up the sails and go. Not as fast as a catamaran (9 knots surfing downwind) but a great solid sail back to the ship.Of all the tours (7) on last weeks cruise in the southern Caribbean, this is the one we'd do again (probably more than once even).


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll admit to writing that "very lovely" stuff. If I'd only known then what I found out when I got home!

Turns out that the booking reservation I'd sent had a wrong credit card number (one digit off). Nell had sent an email but I didn't get it until we had returned. Arghhh! You folks work hard and deserve to be paid. No mention while on the tour. I called as soon as possible to make good.

Not only was the tour as great as I'd said, you folks are fine people. Would that all the people I do business with were as considerate.

Best wishes with the sailing tour. Its a wonderful boat and you and your family are to be thanked for truly impeccable service.

Anonymous said...

I am operating a little blog pitching vacation destinations mostly. Hopefully I can add some value, and fish out a client every so often.
I am featuring Antigua today, and providing a couple of links to you - just seemed like the right think to do after looking at your pages.
Anyway, if you want to check it out -
Let me know what you think

St maarten Antilles said...

I really enjoyed watching the video, and I have to agree with you that there isn't a much better way to spend the day than sailing on a Caribbean build wooden vessel. Thanks for sharing and more power.


365 said...

thanks SXM!