Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Huge discount on Eco Tour this Sunday

This coming sunday we had just two passengers from a Cruise Ship booked with us via our website: and with the big after holiday slow down that we've been experiencing we havent been able to get anymore bookings for that day. This time last year it would have been the norm to be full most of the time. Today we have no boats out, yesterday we had two but with very low numbers. This whole week is very slow and bookings are few and far between. Nell who does all the bookings was worried that she would have to cancell the couple from the cruise ship, but this isn't easy to do. By now they will have left their homes and will be on the ship. We don't ever cancel tours unless we absolutely have to, so in an effort to take more than just two people out this sunday we are offering a special "buy one...get one free" one time deal. If you want to go boating this sunday and will be here in Antigua then call nell on 726 6355. The cruise is this one and it's 50% off the normal rate of US $100. If you are a resident here you will get a better deal as is the norm on all of our tours. I hear that bookings have picked up for later in the season with all the super flight deals that are bing offered. Fingers crossed. Tomorrow we have another sailing charter booked which is cool. We had a nice one on monday. Will add a cool vid of the sailing tours tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish I could be on Antigua to take you up on that offer. It's -20c here and snowed yesterday.

Someday, we will return!