Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A beautiful Beach stop on the Xtreme Round Antigua Tour

For more info on this beautiful beach in Antigua go check our website and click on the Xtreme Tour. With a very fast boat you spend less time getting to a spot and more time enjoying it. There are five stops on this tour with Rendezvous Bay seen here being the last one and the best tour beach stop on Antigua by far.

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Anonymous said...

Somehow, we pions have to save this beach and the area behind it. Ideally it should be a National Park or preserve, like what is found in north America. Not a "Yellowstone" Or "Banff" national park but something that leaves it pristine and hard to get to. So that later generations can see what a real natural beach looks like. And Farley Bay next door should be included too.
Somehow we who believe in this should find a way to preserve it. I really don't know how as the asking price from the landowner is way over the top. Maybe that is good as it hasn't sold yet, but many have shown interest.