Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Planning a wedding while in Antigua isn't easy.

As many of my friends and readers may know my girlfriend and I decided that we are going to get married. We have gotten the blessing of our parents, families, friends and the Adventure Antigua crew and have been trying to organize the wedding. It's not been that easy for me for a number of reasons. First of all, I think I am starting to agree with my other half that i have ADHD or something like it. I simply can't concentrate on anything for long enough to get some productive wedding planning done. I mean, i started trying to organize things back in March but got slightly disturbed by a sailing trip down to St. Barts to hang out during the Bucket Regatta.
That didn't last that long though. I got back into the planning at the start of April and then started thinking about The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.
As you know our team did very well in that, but when it finished i got back to the task at hand. Wedding planning! Invitations: what they would look like, what they would say, where were the people being invited to, who would design them, where would they be printed, how many did we need... etc are all questions that bogged down the actual process and then there was the West Indies Regatta down in St. Barts. I got distracted big time on that one and concentrated hard enough on that topic that we actually won the regatta. On the sail back with winds blowing like mad I thought about the wedding planning again and was determined to get stuff done as soon as i got back. Those winds! The winds blew so nicely when i got back that i started thinking about the HIHO windsurfing regatta in the BVI again. I have had more first place finishes in that regatta than anyone else and had promised Andy who runs it that Adventure Antigua would send a team again this year. I dusted off my windsurfing gear and went sailing.
aint got time for a fast train
While out there a few miles off shore on my way down to Jolly Harbour I started thinking about the invitations again. Man, i needed to get this thing done. We still haven't figured out where we were going to have the reception either. The next day calls were made and during the week we were very good and wedding planning. We decided we wanted to do a post card as our wedding invitation and took the tripod down to the beach three times to get the right image. I can't tell you how difficult it is (and funny) trying to take a photo of your and your bride to be walking down the beach! Anyone watching would have scratched their heads and thought we were totally nuts. I think they would have been right too!
Anyway, after weeks of trying and far too many hours spent on photoshop we came up with a design and got it printed up. It's not the one above but has the same kinda theme. We are both happy with it and i finally feel like we are getting somewhere. We have had about three months of discussions with a place for the reception and we are just about to make a deposit on that. There is still plenty to do and when a boy asks a girl to marry him, he doesn't think about all the things you have to do before you get married if you are going to even have a small wedding. Wow!
The most important thing now is getting a list of all the people we need to send invitations to and then to start sending them. There is one slight problem though..... There is a fishing tournament this weekend and all i can think of is that huge blue marlin Team Xtreme is going to be looking for.
As the full time readers of this blog know, we are very much into our sport fishing. This vid was taken last week:

Anyway, my ADHD and all the distractions won't stop me from wedding planning next week as we are doing a wedding shopping trip to NYC. Got cheap tickets and a place to stay and wedding planning and action is gonna happen next week!


ann phelan said...

IMHO the most important part is the honeymoon...:)...

Anonymous said...

well one thing is for certain... your 'girlfriend' (read: 'fiancee') can't say later that she didn't know what she was getting into!! lol
good luck to you both... all the blessings in the world xx

Jodi said...

You're going to be so close - Cleveland is an hour by air from New York. When are you going to be in New York? More important, when's that wedding?

I love the picture of you two on the beach - hope that after you've got the invites printed up you'll share the one you chose for the invitation...