Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Adventure Antigua cruise and tour prices discounted.

lunch at work
Now i don't usually vent on my blog but this is a hot day here in Antigua and i am not in the best of moods after reading a silly review.

I read today on Cruise Critic that someone said that our Xtreme tour of the island (6 hour plus) that has drinks all day, lunch, an exclusive stop at Stingray City just for my boat(in between cruise ship tour arrivals), two beach stops, two snorkeling stops, a historical tour of Nelson's Dockyard, the 50+ mile round trip of the island is too expensive for what it is. Wow!!!!!
Sometimes i shake my head. It's all fine and dandy for someone to pay US $68 bucks to do a segway tour with soft drinks for 3 hours, or US $220+ for a 45 minute helicopter tour of Montserrat, or even an hour at stingray city for $55, A three hour kayaking trip for $65, a 3 hour jeep tour with soft drinks for US $65 and the list goes on.
Our tour described at the top is on offer at our website for this summer for US $135. The boat is a US $200,000 boat that is exceptionally maintained and run by a professional crew. Contrary to what was said on the Cruise review..... we do have a ladder in the water at every snorkeling or beach stop too seen here with one ladder and here with the two ladders. If this tour is too expensive for you then please do the eco tour which is US $80 this summer for a full day with lunch drinks all day, snorkeling gear, and a full day of adventure. It has three ladders that people use on each of the beach and snorkeling stops. Imagine that..... for $18 more than a segway tour you can have lunch, snorkeling and a full day on the water and on the off shore islands being guided by Antiguan professionals.
Sorry to rant but sometimes you just can't make everyone happy and those unhappy ones just can't be unhappy by themselves. Tomorrow i will be more happy again.
For more images of the boats and the trips we do check out my flickr photo page here.

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