Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Japanese fueled debate on killing whales continues

Today the debate on my blog from several days ago continues stemming from a hard core pro whaling person who decided to post pro whaling and anti - "activist" comments. As comments come in from people the anonymous poster continues to write the typical Japanese Whaling propaganda which is flavoured with a bit of hatred for people he calls "neo colonialists" and "children of colonialists". IT's all a very interesting read once you get to the comments section. Martin like someone called "Triniman" decided to spend some time, and in this case wrote too much to fit it into my comments section so decided to blog his reply which you can read here in
But to be honest, all of the comments are worth a read and give a broader picture to hold up against the scribble from anonymous. My brother Ali pointed out that this pro Japan person didn't say a word on any of my other ecological type blogs. Anyone who reads my blog knows that i regularly speak about over fishing or the lack of fishery controls which lead to a totally unsustainable fishery here in Antigua. I write about gill netting wiping out a huge variety of breeding species, I write about uncontrolled spear fishing, I write about destruction of mangroves, I write about dredging, about the destruction of beaches, sand mining, about the destruction of flats eco systems, and all sorts of other terrible things that happen here which all have a huge impact on the ability of our people to sustainably find seafood for themselves. As someone pointed out; there is so little seafood left here to harvest because of that lack of control that we are now forced to eat farmed talipia now. You can use the search feature on my blog to see more on all of these topics. Not once did i have a comment from this person or anyone else from the government. In fact, i have rarely got comments from Antiguans on any of those blogs. With Antiguan ministers and reps being flown to Japan, with fifty million dollars spent here in Antigua by Japan, and with Japanese officials working full time in our Ministry of Fisheries there is no wonder why a blog of this nature would elicit such passion from the pro whaling minority here in Antigua and I welcome their comments. I just wish we had a tiny percentage of the passion coming from them when we speak about the other fisheries related things. Read the very interesting comments and debate here below the slide show in the comments section. Click this link.
And since we are here speaking pro whaling and anti whaling. Check this link too which someone just sent me:

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