Friday, August 14, 2009

Extreme forecast for Northern Caribbean August 19th and 20th

The photo above was taken as we arrived in from our 15 day adventure sailing trip all the way down to Grenada and back thru the Caribbean. We knew it was a risky time to be doing it because of possible storms and even before we arrived home we started hearing of one brewing over the west coast of Africa. Actually, at that time it was just the seeds of a storm, but now its a very strong tropical wave forecast to get stronger.
With most of the high tech computer models saying that the northern leeward islands are going to be hit by a cat 2 hurricane on wednesday, i think we better start doing what my dad has done already. Get supplies that you will need to see you safely through a hurricane if you haven't gotten them already. Although there is still plenty of time for things to change most suggest that a tropical wave far out in the eastern atlantic will turn into a hurricane fairly soon and track towards the northern leeward islands. We are in the northern leewards and should monitor this situation carefully. For more on this system check and IF you are on a yacht cruising here you still have time to sail/power south but go far south. I have reserved to take two boats out the water on monday and tuesday. One up at Parham and another in Jolly. I am still hoping it will just be a good bit of hard core windsurfing weather, but it could be worse. Keep checking the weather sites...
Windguru is saying 60 knots and almost 30 foot waves! For info on how to use windguru (since so many people keep saying they can't figure it out) check:
Remember that a hurricane usually gives bad conditions for a day and then is gone. The forecast is still a ways off but Antigua is forecast to get tropical storm winds which are less than 75 mph. We can handle that, so lets hope that IF we are to get hit... 75 is the max we get. For more info and updates from me and others on this you can check

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