Tuesday, September 22, 2009

big changes with Adventure Antigua

We are in the slowest part of the season and it's time to take stock and see where we are. Adventure Antigua has had some difficulties and challenges over the past 12 months and we are making some changes over the next 60 days. This coming season will see a rejuvinated Adventure Antigua with new direction, stronger leadership, more experienced crew and newer products.
The first stages of our plan are underway and I will fill you in on some news over the next few days. I'm excited.


Anonymous said...

Hello Eli. I wanted to post a comment on your blog, thanking you and Jason and Fran and Nikki for showing Arleen and I such a wonderful time on 11 September. While I wish the wind had been up and that we could have experienced Ocean Nomad in her true element, our adventure with you was first rate and exactly what we desired.

We can tell you are passionate about Antigua and you are a wonderful ambassador for your country. Everyone at Cocobay smiled when I told them we went sailing with you. But there were some raised eyebrows when I told them about your gold medal performance at the Olympic games. Not sure what that was all about.

Also, your Rum Punch was by far the best we had during our all too short visit. Maybe you would send me the receipe? I promise to keep it to myself if you wish.

Tell Jason we hope he has finally recovered from his swim and that I was only kidding about leaving him behind. Until next time, we wish you and everyone at Adventure Antigua


Rick & Arleen Hendrix

Pete S said...

Hello Eli, I was just about to book our trip with AA when I saw this entry on the blog. We have been with you on 6 previous occasions so we know what to expect. Can you let us know soon what you are planning so we can decide which trip we want to go on.

365 said...

Rick and Arlene, thanks for the nice comment. Am glad u enjoyed. Hope to see you again.

Peter, i'll blog about it now. Essentially we have made Adventure Antigua stronger with some organizational changed as well as some capital investment.