Wednesday, December 09, 2009

intertesting new article and research about coral reefs

This article points out what we have been saying here in Antigua for quite some time. The best way to save  a coral reef and the fishery it supports is to ban fishing for a while. It's that simple...

I just hope that my good friend Brother B and his team at the Fisheries Ministry can get the wheels turning on the NEMMA so that some of the fish we have in there can be protected. So many species are now extinct from our waters. It's very sad, but can be helped with some hard core enforced protection.

Read the article about a live Caribbean reef here: The Cuban Reef Project

I took the photo above recently at the Tobago Keys National Park where so many fish that i used to see as a kid swam around freely. There were even conchs at the snorkeling sites where all the boats were tied up. WOW!

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