Sunday, March 14, 2010

Film with local film crew, local musicians, local producers, and local kitesurfers.

It's quite a big film and may take a while to load (especially if you are in Antigua), but it's very good. Some very talented firends of mine put this together for you to ENJOY! If it's loading too slowly, click the HD button to turn the HD feature off....i think.

We Did Nothing Remix from Kite Scoop on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

Awesome video... very talented filming/editing, and a great music selection imo. Surprised no one else commented! Also gonna use this space to say how much I love your blog. It's been a big part of me and my gf's decision to make Antigua our first Caribbean destination as a couple. Cheers, and keep it up! Your fighting for the betterment of the island is inspirational, I must say.

robby breadner said...

sorry if it seems like pilfering but i gotta get the word out to friends outside antigua, cuz this vid shows antigua at its most beautiful. brilliant work.

- robby b