Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Chill

If you come to antigua and ask anyone what you should do on a Sunday, they will tell you to go to Shirley Heights which is an old British Naval Fort that now has been tuned into a lively party every sunday afternoon. Of course if you have been there as many times as i have, then you may want to try something different. Sunday Chill is a concept taken from places like the party island of Ibiza where mellow clubby kind of music is played near a pool. It's hard to describe exactly since I have never been to Ibiza, but yesterday we decided to check out Sunday Chill up at Charmichaels above Sugar Ridge Hotel. The longtime Ibiza DJ and producer Torsten Stenzel, who is now living and working here in Antigua producing and writing music takes a few sundays a month out of his busy schedule to play some very cool music up there.
The sunset was pretty "insane" up that high and the music and drinks all came together to provide a pretty neat atmosphere that can only be described as..... SUNDAY CHILL. I'm not sure when he will be playing next up there, but I will probably be there. IT's the next best thing to do on a sunday afternoon (on the mainland anyway). The photos are from the sugarridge site.

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