Friday, November 26, 2010

am looking for writers who'd like to see some of their stuff published here.

As many of you "regulars" have noticed, my postings recently have been not as regular as they normally have been over the past few years. My wife and I just celebrated our one year anniversary with a little holiday (without computers) and the blog sat here stagnant. Not too cool for some who tell me that this little simple blog is their life line to sunshine in Antigua while sitting at home or in the office on cold days up north.
Anyway, I'd like to have guest writers from time to time here to help keep the oldest and best Antigua blog running. If you are interested and have a very good idea about what it is that this blog usually writes about then send me a message eliantigua @ gmail .com (without the spaces). You will need to write about things to do with the sun sea and sand around Antigua and include photos and or video as well.
It's an unpaid job, but a chance to practice your writing and to have people hear about your writing. OF course it also will make some people happy this winter.
Speaking of which, I took this photo while at a Best Cellars wine tasting up at Carmichael's on Sugar Ridge. It is an untouched photo that i took with my HTC phone.
We have taken many happy guests from that resort our on our boats as it's just next door to Jolly Harbour and they usually want to enjoy the best Antigua has to offer.

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