Thursday, November 04, 2010

Another "best day of my life" review from lovely guests.


You know, when one of our guests tells us sometimes with tears in their eyes that the day trip you have just given them was the "best day of my life", you are deeply moved. Of course each tour we do is slightly different and even more so when it is a private tour, and each person coming on the tour may see, hear, smell, feel and generally experience different things. Their backgrounds, history and experiences are all different and although i was totally surprised when for the first time someone told me that the day was the best day in their life, I came to understand after hearing it again and again that it wasn't always the rum punch making them say silly things.
It's what our goal has always been at Adventure Antigua. We want to show you a great day.... the best possible day you could have had in Antigua during your stay.
Of course sometimes it is the rum punch we serve at the end of our tour, but we don't have a doubt that even with rum punch at the end of our trips, the day out with us will be a highlight of someone's vacation and it makes all of the crew members in all parts of our organizations sooo happy when we get a review like this one. THANK YOU PETER, DIANNE AND FAMILY!!

Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2010 10:47 AM
To: Adventure Antigua
Subject: Private Charter on 25 October


Can I just ask you to pass on from all of us our sincere thanks to JD and Trevor for a fantastic day out on the Extreme on 25 October. One of our group described it as the "best day of my life".
JD and Trevor are brilliant hosts and put everyone at their ease and also the booking and admin and payment and communication from the shore based team as well as the catering were exceptional.

We'll be back!

'til next time

Peter and Dianne and family

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