Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A lovely new review of the Eco Tour on Tripadvisor

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This review is another great review of a five star trip thay you can take while you are in Antigua. Tripadvisor users have given our company 5 stars for a reason. There was a short time when our ratings went down, but over the past year we have tried exceptionally hard to improve all aspects of our trips. We are very happy to repost this trip report. Enjoy!

I am a regular visitor to Antigua as I work for a major airline that flies there. I thought as I had a long layover that I would do something different and this was something different. The boat is very spacious and gives you the chance to sunbathe but also stay in the shade if you prefer. There is a toilet, which has a 'boat' style flush system but is completely adequate. There is plenty of space to store your bags etc too, I would recommend this as when the boat gets up some speed it really does go fast, a lady lost her hat to the wind, so be careful.
We had very informative guides giving fantastic facts on the local animals and flora, conservation efforts and the general history of Antigua. The food served was great, typical Caribbean food and plenty of it, drinks were available throughout the day.
The best part was what we saw, swimming to the Devils Bridge (hell's gate) and climbing through a small cave system in the island was fantastic! Then we saw Bird Island and the different birds and snakes found there, they are harmless don't worry, but very interesting to see them all!
The snorkeling was a highlight, I couldn't get the hang of the mouthpiece and struggled with it, even though the guides were very helpful I just couldn't do it, but I was able to use the mask and just hold my breath and I saw a lot of fish and amazing things all over the reef!
Overall it's a fabulous day, I would highly recommend it, please take plenty of sunscreen or keep your shirt on most of the day as it's very hot out on the water, staff are very friendly and attentive and the value for money is there...you will have a fantastic day and see a lot...enjoy!

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