Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another high quality company worth checking out. VIDEO

Roddy Grimes-Graeme and I went to school together here in Antigua and have always been very close friends. When I first decided to turn our childhood adventures into a real company, Roddy was there to build our first website using primarily his photos. His high end photography became his career and then diversified into video with the help of another friend Iain McGlashan. Their company shoots the worlds most luxurious and famous yachts primarily but they also do things as varied as weddings, corporate functions, private homes, hotels, nature documentaries, and even excursion companies. You see their videos on my website. Click here.

As many of you know Antigua is one of the main destinations for luxury yachts in the winter months and our Charter Yacht Show just finished. Here is a little video shot by them during the event:

Flying over the Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2011 from acquafilms on Vimeo.

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