Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 off to a running start

Our season here in Antigua has been fairly slow compared to past ones and it wasn't until a few days before Christmas that things got busy for Adventure Antigua. In fact, busy isn't the best word. IT was manic with tours, charters and half day trips being requested at an incredible rate. Needless to say, we have been very very busy and to make things slightly more exciting, it was very windy.

"The Christmas Winds" were making for choppy seas exciting sailing. As I mentioned in a recent blog post, we damaged our classic yacht.
Picture 550sm
Today the sun slowly approached the horizon from under a much calmer sea and when light finally won it's fight against the darkness, it looked like a perfect day for boating. In fact, the weather forecast on windguru is looking very good for the next seven days. Click here if you need a better explanation on how to use these long term forecasts for Antigua.
June 264 friends and family
Two boats are out again today and our crew is probably excited to see such beautiful power boating weather. Later today, we will have a meeting which is the first one of 2012. We have some new faces and some updated to be made to our now outdated crew list.

Things are looking good for 2012 and we've made some changes to our team and to our operation. More news to come. eli IMG_6186 


RumShopRyan said...

Glad to hear you guys are busy! The boat looks great as well. Cheers!

Verdi Laurent said...

Nice view you have there. I love the sunset pics. Just stopping by to enjoy Caribean sea view. I hope one I'm able travel to antigua.