Monday, January 30, 2012

Great photos of our Eco Tour from last week here in Antigua.

These photos are taken each day on our Eco Tour by our captain JD. He just uses his I-Phone and puts them on our facebook page. Click here for that page.
These images were from the Eco Tour on Wed January 25th and as you can see the weather made for a lovely trip. Read more about this tour on our website:
This trip is perfect for the family and both young and not so young can enjoy this snorkeling tour out on the water. Text or call from your mobile phone to +1 268 726 6355 or just visit the site above.
We operate most days and pick up from many of the west coast hotels and from the cruise ship dock.
We are also on google+ and twitter.


Socialkenny said...

Nice photos.I'm not a big fan of the iPhone(I do own one),but it takes beautiful pics'.
Hey Mr.Fuller,don't you used to visit Barbuda back in the days?I've heard so,but not sure if it's the same Fuller.

365 said...

Yup, I get there a few times a year by boat. Best way, but my uncles and dad are there more often than I am.

Socialkenny said...

Ok that's cool Eli.You're he one who took those iPhone photos?