Monday, January 08, 2007

Woods Art Gallery show all this month.

The Woods Art Gallery has an exhibition entitled "Young Artists", and somehow at 34 years old, i was invited to show some of my pics. I had them printed at Island Photo by my good friend Justin Nation, who is probably one of the most talented artists on Antigua. He did a fantastic job of printing them, and the show went very well. There was quite a variety of art on display and if you are going to be in antigua this month you should take a trip down to have a look. I was quite surprised by my photos because they look so different when blown up big and in frames.

I am gonna try to put the ones i used here. These were not the titles i used:

Maltese Falcon in The North sound on Jan 1st.

Portuguese Man of War i saw in Brazil

I put three photos of the frog i saw in Brazil together into one frame, but here is one.

Bahia, Brazil. Bike ride in the rain.

Redonda Boobie and Chick.

jolly harbour at nite

Evo - HDR

They look way better huge and rich. Anyway, you get the idea. Hope you enjoy em and go have a look at the other more professional artwork if you can get the chance. Woods Gallery is next to Carib Photo in the Woods Mall.

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Anonymous said...

I had a look at the display in woods gallery. Great work by everyone. Eli, you created a gallery of your own! Nicely done on the large format. The wide matting and black background enchances the life of each photograph.The frog series and jolly harbour at night are my top 2 favourites. V