Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Say hi to Junior

Junior has been working with us since just before Christmas and has proven to be a great guy on the boat. Junior's real name is way to long to repeat or even write down, so i wll just say that you should ask him to tell you what it is if you see him on one of the tours. He works on either boat depending on the day and seems to manage both very well. His roots are in antigua, but he's been living abroad since he was a little kid. Fist he lived in the USA and then he moved to the UK where he's been until recently. I didn't know him before but have known his brother "Blackie" for years and years from Dickenson Bay and The Beach. Blackie approached us to see if we needed any more crew around about the time that we were saying goodbye to Adam and Leslie, so it worked out well. Junior is a mild mannered young man who's passion seems to be reading, modeling, singing and school. He has two degrees too!

Anyway, he's working with us for the near future saving money to put towards fixing up a property he inherited in St. Johns. He's focussed and friendly and i think he will do well in life.

My other crew tease him a bit (as is the norm with our guys after work) about his posh accent which is a bit funny to hear coming from an Antiguan. Anyway, this is a pic taken by Lizzie who was on the boar for a 65th birthday party charter for her friend Anne Philpott with Louis, JD and Junior. I will speak about Louis soon in another blog entry, but say hi to Junior if you are on a tour with him. Ask him about his singing too. lol he he he

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