Friday, February 27, 2009

Whales being spotted daily here at the moment

It's that time of year again when humpback whales are passing through these islands with their young ones.
whale watch
JD and his full Xtreme charter last week saw a nice pod off Pillars of Hercules and yesterday I saw a mother and her calf breaching and tail slapping off Indian Creek.
one whale
As my regular blog followers know from my last whale blog, I am like most Antiguans very much against our government's stance on international whaling and I hope that someday we have leadership that stands up to the Japanese and says no to their blood money. Both the former ALP government and the current UPP government support Japanese whaling.

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Anonymous said...

Not actually a comment Eli; more a request.

I met your parents in 1969 when I stayed at the Lord Nelson as part of an RAF contigent during the Anquilla 'crisis'. I've carried the memory of them and their idyllic 'home' with me ever since. But, despite those memories, I could never remember the exact location of the hotel, or even the name of the area. And I have just again visited the island - for a day as part of a cruise - but still could not find it.
I contacted the tourism people just today, and they gave me your name and the location. Something that's bugged me for 40 years and now I know - ah the wonders of the internet! So, next time I visit - and I WILL, I will know where to look.

The request? Ah, I just wondered whether you would happen to have any old photos of the Lord Nelson that you might like to share? Nobody can believe just by explanation what a beautiful place that was.

If your parents are still around, please let them know that there is someone who remembers those days with huge fondness.

Best Regards

Peter Nicoll (UK)