Monday, August 17, 2009

Weakening Tropical Depression Ana leaves the area

With a few heavy showers and some thunder rolling around Ana turned up last night after failing to stay strong enough to be called a tropical storm. She never made it to hurricane status either, but we did prepare here in Antigua just in case. I guess we had one or two wind gusts up to 30 mph in rain squalls last night but by sunrise today the weather was perfect and beautiful as it was yesterday morning. The Eco Tour is going out today with Captain JD, Chris and Alex. Jason, Tony and I will be sanding the bottom of Arawak Odyssey so that we can put a fresh layer of bottom paint on her. Hurricane Bill which is the first of the season is forecast by every forecasting tool to totally miss the Caribbean with Bermuda the only land mass that should be very worried. See the model tracks here:

These lines are each organization's forecast track based on the super computing done by their tools. It's extremely technical work and after plugging in a huge variety of weather factors from all over the Atlantic and further, they come up with the forecasts. They are usually pretty accurate. With that in mind we should always prepare when a storFor more info you can check this link. m is east of the islands no matter what the forecasts say. It's like turning your back on a raging bull that's tied. Anyway, i'm keeping my eye on Bill even though i feel pretty confident that he will not come close to us at all. Apart from that we have pretty good weather on the cards for the next week.

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