Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This message is for you.

The reason I say that this message is for you is that I think you care for Antigua and it's natural environment and I think you can help make some changes here in Antigua without that much effort. The Environmental Awareness Group has been the main environmental group here on the island forever and still is. They have done great work to help protect the offshore islands and their wildlife, to study and protect turtles and many other extremely important projects. They continue to do great work on these projects and hopefully they will never stop their hard work. For some time now it has been suggested that not enough activist type work is done here on the island and neither is there enough education or awareness being carried out. Personally, i don't think it would be wise to set up another environmental group at this point to accomplish this. After looking into the workings of the EAG I have come to see that they would do these things if they had more support. They are a small group of mostly older core members and I think that if we got some new blood into the EAG and especially on it's board then we would get more results. Antigua's natural environment is suffering at an alarming rate and the total lack of care and sense of responsibility shown by the various political parties is astonishing. I feel that the EAG is respected by the people of Antigua and Barbuda and could be moreso is it was given the chance to speak up. Recently it's voice has been quiet mainly because it's small support group has been focused on managing the projects that it has had minimal funding for. They have no money for running the office and to tell you the truth, i am surprised they have been able to stay alive.

I am begging you to consider joining the EAG in the hope that you can help make them stronger. Roddy (who took the awesome whale shark video recently featured on the bloog) and I joined last month upstairs of the museum on Long St. It was totally easy. $50 EC gets you in or$60 for the family. The annual general meeting will be held on Saturday October 24th at 7 pm upstairs at the Museum. From the sounds of things they need some new leadership and direction. Let's help them!

IF you need any more info on the EAG or this important plea for help you can call or text me on +1 268 725 7263. Here are some images to help you think about why Antigua and Barbuda needs a tiny bit of your help.


Anonymous said...

it is possible to contribute online?

365 said...

not yet. if i get on the board i hope to have it available within a month.