Thursday, June 03, 2010

Interesting talk on ocean survival that would help Antigua and Barbuda

Below is an email I got from the original "Big John" who ran Dive Antigua for about 100 years I think. He's very switched on when it comes to eco related issues and this is a good one. As you know if you have followed my blog carefully, we here in Antigua have some very good Marine Protected Areas that could help our people and economy greatly if they were managed as they were designed to be. We just need the government to act. The biggest MPA here is NEMMA which appears to be stuck. If it isn't stuck then i would like to know more. Anyone?

Great TED talk on how to save the ocean eco systems.

As you know I have been saying for years that Antigua and Barbuda with
it's 1,500 sq. mile surrounding shallow area, would be the perfect place
to have set aside no fishing areas and as pointed out in the video, fish
populations spread out into areas open for fishing and subsequently
the fishermen catch more fish than if they did not have no no-go areas.

It's always nice to have new data to back up our proposals.

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owen said...

any ideals about the oil spill?

Anonymous said...

fishermen have and will always survive... so please stop the hating... this is our means of living... if you stop, will you give us a job?

365 said...

Marine protected areas help fishermen more than anyone. I guess you didn't see the video which highlights hundreds of studies on MPAs. I fish and have fished my entire life. My fishing catch will be enhanced if we have proper marine protected areas. This isn't anything new at all, but some people just have a hard time understanding simple logic and simple studies. As long as the people making the rules fall into that category fishermen will continue to suffer. I want them to catch more, but it wont happen here without management.
As far as oil spill goes..... do a search on this blog for "flotsam and jetsam"....

Anonymous said...

Here in New England, we have management that determines fishing days and types of catch during that time period. Because of that management, we can still catch large tuna, lobster etc. Had it not been for these rules, overfishing would have ended fishing in general in this area a long time ago. Ya really can't expect to have no rules, a free for all really, and still expect there to be anything around to catch. Also, if you don't insist on eco management, protecting the habitat, then where are the "babies" going to go, protected, so they can grow and repeat the cycle of life.
Donna Breen

Anonymous said...

ok, I just saw the video... its self-explanatory... thanks...

Anonymous said...

Excellent Video as a diver I am saddened by many reefs. I have had the good fortune to dive sanctuaries and remote locations I have seen the beauty of the sea world and wonder what we are waiting for. Let's take the PM diving and show him what it is like down there. If we just had a catchy name for a marine sancturary he would probably make one. Next we need a location. But where?