Monday, July 05, 2010

"My wife and I had an AWESOME time!!!!"

Another lovely review of our Xtreme around Antigua day tour. It's reviews like these that make us very happy to be doing what we do. THANK YOU MIKE!!!!!

Mike Esposito

Review posted on Trip Advisor....7/4/10

My wife and I have nothing but good things to say about Adventure Antigua. They were extremely helpful in getting our reservations setup before we arrived in Antigua and great throughout the tour. We did the Extreme Circumnavigation tour - it is a little more expensive than some of the other tours available, but well worth it!!!!

The power boat that they take you on is a blast - make sure to sit in the front if you like waves, ocean spray and to feel the full experience of the boat. It happened to be raining on the day we went, but my wife and I still had an AWESOME time!!!! We laughed the entire time and made the best of it. The captain and tour guide (forgot their names) both taller, skinnier guys, were hilarious. They knew that some people were not too happy with the rain, but tried to make the best out of the day. In our opinion, the rain was not something that anyone could control, so we just made the best of it. The captain and guide were very down to earth and great to talk with - they type of people you enjoy hanging out with, plus they were full of great knowledge about the island.

You go through a bunch of smaller islands and then you go to Stingray City - the camera guy who takes your pics and the guys who help you touch the stingrays were also great - very friendly and helpful to those who might have been a little scared at first (my wife). The stingrays are beautiful and come right up to you - you can even feed and pet them.

From here you go to a private beach where the team sets up a lunch for everyone - the BBQ chicken is to die for - some of the best I have ever had...! Then you go to Nelson's dockyard and then to pillars or Hercules where you snorkel for a little bit. We had a massive storm come in and so we were only there for about 10 minutes - I have been a Scuba diver for over 15 years and that was definitely some of the most "extreme" snorkeling I had ever did - the captain and guide quickly got everyone back into the boat and then we continued to make our way around the island. We were supposed to stop at one more beach for rum punch, but the weather took a turn for the worse, so we just started heading in - I learned how to drink rum punch in 6 - 7 foot seas while going 30 - 40 mph haha - seriously so much fun!

The waves were huge that day, but for us, it only added to the fun of the tour - definitely "extreme" is a tour and day we will never forget - tons of laughing, beautiful sites and well worth the money. I can only imagine that it is that much more beautiful and fun when the seas and weather are calm.

This tour books up quickly so make sure you get your reservations either before you get to the island or right when you get to your resort. Top class operation that I would definitely use again.


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