Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tropical Meteorology 101 - hurricane season must.

I found this on the CrownWeather site and he had taken it from another site shown in the link below. If you are planning a holiday to the Caribbean this summer then I hve to tell you not to worry. Remember Antigua which is in a pretty good spot for hurricanes has had 6 days of hurricane conditions over the past 50+ years. You will be fine! Anyway, you should brush up on your meterology and how a hurricane forms and what happens next. This is the best set of info I have seen so far. Check it out so that you know what we are speaking about this summer. "Tek it easy", eli.

Tropical Meteorology 101 - GCWX - Hurricane Season 2010 - The Premiere WX Community For LA & MS

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ya know me lub me weather..haa..thanks for the post