Saturday, February 12, 2011

Antigua Barbuda Search And Rescue saves the day.

The best way to see what's happening here on Antigua is to find the latest copy of Enjoy which is published by the Observer group. It comes out every two weeks and I write a little segment for them in each issue. For Enjoy, I only write about things related to the sea and my last one was about a very an incident that happend out on the The Classic Yacht Sailing Tour that we do.

Here is what was published:

This past week we had a lady out with us on one of our traditional
sailing boats who needed immediate medical attention. We had sailed up
into a beautiful secluded bay far away from everything and were
anticipating a nice relaxed afternoon of sailing. A calm peaceful bay
was just what our guests wanted, but none of us expected that we would
need medical assistance. Secluded as the bay was, we were as far from
the doctors and nurses in St. Johns as we could be. And after calling
the hotel on the closest beach for assistance, I realized that it
would take up to 45 minutes to get our guest into town via taxi or
even ambulance.
The alternative was ABSAR which stands for the Antigua Barbuda Search
And Rescue. Their highly professional team has off road 4x4 jeeps, and
boats equipped with emergency equipment and emergency medical
technicians ready to come to your rescue.
Immediately answering the phone, they said that they were already at
their base at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina, and that they would be
with us in less than ten minutes. This was a much better alternative,
and our guest was comforted by the news. Sure enough, in less than ten
minutes their high speed rescue boat raced around the point into view
and was alongside in no time and preparing to administer treatment.
Our guest was eventually taken back to her hotel under ABSAR's care
and has recovered nicely thanks to their superb help.
Our tour continued on afterwards. These photos were taken later in the day:
Click here

and here.

ABSAR is a purely volunteer and donation driven organization which has
been coming to the rescue of mariners around and off shore Antigua and
Barbuda for years. We are incredibly lucky to have them on standby 24
hours a day, 365 days a year. This week alone ABSAR has aided several
other boats during different emergency situations, and also provided
medical assistance to people on the mainland and on a deserted beach.
In one instance they were helped by Caribbean Helicopters in a
dramatic offshore search and rescue. There can be no doubt that the
people of Antigua and Barbuda and their visitors are safer as a result
of the efforts and expertise of a few good men and women volunteers
who wait for that distress call coming in over the VHF or phone line.
For more information about their organization and how you too can help
them please visit 

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