Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Amazing time on the Extreme Circumnav tour

by parrothead82 » Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:14 pm

On July 26th 2011-we did the Extreme Circumnav tour with Adventure Antigua-All I can say is WOW!!!!!! We did the Eco tour July 2011-had a good time-this tour was GREAT!!! Each tour we do just gets better and better!!!!! Every aspect of this trip was done with ease. From booking on line and asking questions of Nell and staff to the actual tour. The crew this time was JD, Chris and Serge-we had Chris on last years tour-hes so nice and funny. Serge and JD are quiet and if you listen to them they are soo funny. We were picked up first and dropped of last so we got to chat with them all-it was an extra perk-well we felt it was-they are great to be around. After the tour you feel like they are your longtime friends and could hang out with them all day. The boat is very easy to get on and off, very clean. Our tour was full yet the boat never felt crowded!!! Lunch was very tasty and plenty of it. Sting ray city is truly amazing!!! Chris was great-he let me hold on to him as the sting rays were all around us. I thought I was brave but once they swam on you it kinda freaked me out alittle-it was very reassuring having Chris there and Serge -encouraging at all times. They always checked to make sure everyone was doing ok and gave pointers while snorkling. All and All a PERFECT Day!!!! Great Job to all at Adventure Antigua!!!!! Eli you have a great group of people on your crew!!!! Hope to do another trip with you next year-hopefully go sailing-once again Thank you for a great time!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Great Job Guys. It is one thing to provide great service, but it is even more credible when the service is so remarkable that your Guests take the time to share with you, and the rest of the World, just how much they have enjoyed the experience. When you are so good that you inspire personal notes of appreciation, you know you are doing many things right.

Well Done! And Keep up the Great Work.