Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday 10th OCT

Wow, its almost like someone heard me yesterday. Today is calm and looks like lovely weather for a bit of boating. Saweeet!!!

We also have our main boat "arawak odyssey" going out on tour with a good number of guests. I think i would like to use this somehow to gain feedback and offer new info quickly about the business. Will have to see how that is possible. Xtreme will be going out onThursday (hopefully). She is gonna go through some maintenance today but needs some parts changed on the port engine.

People are still worried about swimming with the rays and i am starting to think about putting on another excursion. The Xtreme Circumnav is such an amazing excursion for younger more active people and we have had such fantastic feedback, but its more expensive and now has stingray fear associated with it. You know its the best selling tour at Sandals with more positive guest comments than from any other tour there. Maybe i will design a tour that goes to Cades Reef and Rendezvous Bay. When ground swell is kicking in the winter on the North side this would be perfect. I dunno.....we will see.

A note on stingrays here: Antigua is lucky enough to have three different types of rays gracing out waters. We have the extremely rare Manta Rays which I have only seen a few times, Spotted Eagle Rays which are fairly common and you may see and the very common Southern Stingrays. After the terrible news about Steve Erwin's tragic death, I though I had better do some PR for the rays. Firstly, in world recorded history, there have been 18 deaths attributed to the 150 species of rays world wide. You can see Steve's death in OZ was a total freak accident and a horrible tragedy. The one that killed "croc hunter", Steve Erwin, is called a Bull Ray and is found in South Africa , New Zealand and Australia . It is the largest of all rays getting up to 700 lbs. Our rays here in Antigua are extremely gentle and cuddly feeding on crabs and shell life. They don't have muscle control over their barbs and can not use them to attack anything. Please don't worry about them on your trip to the Caribbean . If you need more info please email us.