Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Discounts on Adventure Antigua Tours

Today is another one of those days when the boats stay in port. It's not because the weather is bad, but it's because there just were not any bookings. Things are as slow as is expected at this time of year before the all the kids and their families are finished with school and after the main tourists and sailing seasons are all done. Of course it is even more quiet with all the doom and gloom that has been constantly broadcast in the media about the world economy. It's finally hit here in Antigua and to try to stir up some business and work for my crew we are offering larger discounts for our tours booked through our website. usually offers 10% discounts but if you book anytime between now and November 15th for tours within that time you will get an additional 10% off. So 20% off isn't bad at all and you won't find this savings at the hotels because this is only offered through our site.
These tours are unique and take guests on smaller guided adventures on purpose built boats off the beaten track. Please have a look at the website to see new photos and content as well and email us or facebook me if you need more info. Thanks again, eli fuller. Antigua