Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back home in Antigua!

Well hello! For the past three weeks my girlfriend and I have been off island on a proper holiday together. Many people visiting Antigua and Barbuda ask us where Antiguans go on holiday and the truth is that they are just like everyone else with a huge variety of dreamy holiday retreats which can even be other sunny paradises. This time however, we decided Italy would be the main place we would explore. The direct flights to London were the same price as flights going through New York, and we decided it would be fun to spend a few nights there on the way back from Europe. This way it would be a grand tour with us having 5 days in London, then Italy for eleven and finally to New York for the last three with a few travel days making up the three weeks. IT was a fantastic trip with lovely weather in London and New York and fairly good weather in Italy. We ate, explored, and rested enough that when it was time to come home we were 100% satisfied.

One of the first things we noticed as we approached VC Bird airport was how fantastically green the island was. I knew the island had gotten some hard core rains as nell had told me about having to cancel tours several times, but the pure brilliance i saw before me was surprising. It was just soooo green! After we landed and finally were allowed to walk down the steps beside the plane and another thing caught me by surprise. The warmth engulfed us as if welcoming us back to the Caribbean. It was incredibly clear, sunny and warm. We finally got home back to Jolly Harbour and i saw another thing that had been missing for three weeks. The overall colours were just so much more vibrant. In the city the buildings are dark and the people dress to match. For three weeks we hadn't seen colour like what was radiating from around our gallery. It truly is something we take for granted here in the Caribbean, and being away for a week or even two isn't enough sometimes to notice and appreciate the difference. Wow it is colourful here. That night after doing what most tourists have to do at the end of their holiday....... laundry, the last thing that i had forgotten about started up. The gentle lullaby of tree frogs and crickets. For three weeks the sounds of cars, sirens and other city and small town noise had replaced the Caribbean night sounds. We were back now. Anyway, i will be blogging again more regularly. Lots happening here and i will keep you up to date. This photo was taken yesterday and shows Ross driving Xtreme home. Val and i were on the boat too with the last few guests. It was a nice day out.
Tony, JD, Val, Wan Lovv, Ross, Chris, Nell and my mom have done a great job keep the show running while i was away and the season is looking good.