Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hard core pro whaling comment

As some of you know, i can often be very anti-whaling and ashamed of my government's stance on the issue. They accept japanese bribes in the form of "fisheries grants" in exchange for our support on international whaling. Yesterday i posted a slide show of images depicting a huge wall painting done here in Antigua by Antiguan kids from all backgrounds. They all painted fish, turtles, whales, dolphins and other marine life on the wall with such enthusiasm. Many of the fish seen on the wall have been hunted almost to extinction here in Antigua which is beside the point i suppose until you read the hard core pro japan whaling comment that was posted there later. I left the comment there to show you how warped and mislead some people can be. In fact, i think if more Antiguans were to be able to read this message then i think it would hurt the japanese efforts. Check the blog by clicking this link and read the comment under it. Make a comment if you like to but include your name (and website) if you like.